This Hilarious Fake Documentary Treats Gym Rats Like Wildlife (Video)


Many of us understand (or try to understand) the weird and baffling culture and practices that take place in our gyms. There are unspoken rules, gym goers who try to impart a hierarchy on everyone, and a whole lot of questionable behavior that would be funny if it wasn’t so weird.

Now, the guys at Buff Dudes have taken all that weirdness and encapsulated it in a fake nature documentary on what it’s like inside a gym. It’s pretty awesome, thanks largely to its spot-on attention to detail. The doc features pitch-perfect music and narration, all the while mocking the same things that cause us to raise an eyebrow while we’re waiting for an elliptical machine or…whatever.

Here it is:

Play “Bingo” with this video and see how many different groups of gym rats you recognize in this clip. All if them, if you’re unlucky.

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