Eagles Right Tackle Lane Johnson On Chip Kelly: His Ego Got In The Way


Seems like every Eagles player has something negative to say about the now fired, Chip Kelly. Now that everybody is safe, it’s time to let loose and say what they’ve been feeling the past few years. Eagles RT, Lane Johnson went completely in on his former coach.

According to Philly.com:

“Maybe the ego got in the way,” Johnson said. “Too much power. Control. Not being human about things; not working together, with the team, instead of being a dictator.”

He said Kelly ignored complaints of overwork in practice. He excoriated Kelly’s “Machine Gun” scheme as too taxing, especially for big, every-down linemen such as himself. More than anything, Johnson cast Kelly as an autocrat unable to alter his vision and unwilling to accept input from players.

Johnson painted a picture of paranoia, a locker room where criticism and complaint would be met with the punishment of marginalization and, eventually, unemployment.

“It’s a learning process,” Johnson said. “Making the transition from college to the NFL is tough. It’s different. If you’re set in your ways, maybe close-minded, not willing to change, it’s going to rub people the wrong way.”

It clearly did rub a lot of people the wrong way, and it’s why Kelly is no longer the coach of the Eagles.

More comments from Lane Johnson:

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