IG Model Sheneka Adams Exposes Cam Newton For Not Using Condoms & Cheating


Cam Newton has led his Carolina Panthers team to a 14-1 record so far, just recently had a son, so of course here comes the wh*res out the woodwork to throw a little slander his way. Not sure who or why somebody gave these random chicks a fake job title as “IG Model”, but there it is.

Well known ‘IG Model’ and celebrity sex toy, Sheneka Adams did just that when she took to Instagram to expose Cam Newton as a person who hates using condoms and frequently stays in women’s DM’s(Direct Messages). Not just her, it’s a bunch of them trying to expose Cam.


Then Sheneka felt compelled to join in:


Someone seems salty that Cam got a stripper pregnant and not her. If you want to see more pics of Sheneka Adams:


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