Can You Really Fault This Browns Concession Worker for Wearing a Steelers Shirt? (Pic)


The question I asked in the title is rhetorical. No you cannot. Misery is a part of fandom, that’s for sure, and at some point when you’re cheering for a team like the Browns, you need to say to yourself, “I choose happiness.” It’s a bold, brave move, but one that this guy made and stuck to.

Of course, he might not be a Steelers fan. He might just be rooting for the Browns’ loss to secure the top spot in the draft, where they’ll probably try to draft Brandon Weedon’s older brother or something, but at least that’s looking towards the future. In any event, people went presumably ballistic about the whole thing because they take sports too seriously.

Then, people asked about the whereabouts of Silent Bob, because, yes, that guy looks like Jay.

Anyway, the Browns lost, fired everyone, and it sounds like Johnny Manziel may have been in Vegas, meaning the team is probably done with him, too. So why doesn’t the club just send Steelers jerseys to all its fans?

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