Iguodala’s Ex: He Doesn’t Want Daughter Playing B-Ball, Scared She”ll Become A Lesbian


This entire Andre Iguodala vs. ex-girlfriend thing is really getting out of control. Yes, it should always be about the kids and they should come first, but sometimes enough is enough. Iguodala has a daughter who is a genius and apparently it’s quite expensive if you go by what his Ex is stating. She requested an increase in child support from $18,000 to $58,000 to cover those expenses. Riiiiight.

Clayanna Warthen testified Monday in a child support hearing, Andre had issues with 6-year-old daughter London playing basketball at school because he was worried she might “turn into a lesbian.”


Wait, it gets better. Look at what else she alleges:

This came in addition to Warthen’s claims that Iggy only saw his daughter nine hours during all of 2015, and didn’t call on Christmas, meaning she needs extra money to cover therapy costs for the child.

Iguodala’s lawyer countered that Warthen’s basically using the 12-year-NBA-vet as an ATM (he’ll make $11 million this season) and will use the dough for a personal chef and $7,000 for 76ers floor seats (Obligatory question: Are there really people out there paying this for a Sixers game?). His lawyer also stated that the sum she’s asking for is “a prescription for spoiled children.”

This is just another lesson to pro athletes, when you become worth millions, you have to realize everything on you and in you is worth millions as well. One word: Vasectomy!!

[Via TMZ, Complex]

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