Puck Gets Swatted Right into Daniel Sedin’s Mouth…Blood Ensues (Video)

Puck Gets Swatted Right into Daniel Sedin's Mouth

I’m not sure how fast the puck was traveling when it was knocked out of the air by Coyotes defenseman Mark Stone, but it didn’t look very fast. However, when you’re dealing with a solid piece of vulcanized rubber, not a lot of speed is required to do some damage.

The Canucks’ Daniel Sedin was skating around, minding his own business when a gloved redirect by Stone put the puck right in his face from a distance of about four feet away. Sedin went down instantly, and showed his beautiful smile to the world. Remarkably, he was back on the ice in the second period, and even managed to score a goal later in the game. Nice work!

Here’s the incident that led to the gruesome picture above:

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