Donald Trump Said He Would Fire Roger Goodell If He Were Elected President (Video)

Donald Trump Would Fire Roger Goodell, In Case You Were Wondering

Donald Trump has taken a number of controversial stances over his turbulent run for president, but his remarks recently at a political event in Lowell, Massachusetts might just be his least controversial yet. While he was working the crowd and pressing the flesh, the outspoken hairpiece was asked (yelled at?) by a spectator if he would fire Roger Goodell.

He gave that Trump look, came the closest he ever could to something resembling a smile, then nodded repeatedly.

It went down like this:

Finally something we can all agree on. I don’t think Hilary would have given that response, and Bernie Sanders would have just taxed the owners some more. Unfortunately for Donald, nobody has told him that he doesn’t have the power to do this.

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