Ex-Chief DE Shaun Smith Threatens Twitter Trolls With A Gun


Internet trolls are everywhere on social media, you can either ignore them or do something incredibly stupid and get so mad at them that you threaten violence. Bad move. The argument started after Ex-Chiefs DE Shaun Smith said the Kansas City Chiefs, would defeat the Houston Texans in their matchup on Saturday for Wild Card Weekend. He was flooded with comments and apparently had enough that he thought it was a great idea to brandish a weapon on social media.


Shaun Smith spoke to TMZ after the pic went viral:

But Smith tells us, “I didn’t threaten anybody. I’m not going out there to shoot anybody.”

He added, “People think I’m out here trying to kill, but I have a wife and 3 daughters. I’m trying to feed hungry kids [through my foundation.]”

Smith says he only tweeted the pic because he happened to be on his way to a gun range when the Twitter war broke out. He says his message was really just that people talk too much smack on social media, when they’re not really badasses.


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