Check Out This Nasty Lacrosse Sucker Punch (Videos)

lacrosse sucker punch

Between the NBA’s full slate of New Year’s Day games, the NHL’s Winter Classic, and all the big college football games played between December 29 and January 2, you probably didn’t notice that the indoor National Lacrosse League had started up again.

Okay fine, you probably wouldn’t have noticed even without all that basketball, hockey, and football. But a three-second sequence from the January 2nd game between Saskatchewan Rush and Calgary Roughnecks will make you wish you had.

What transpired in those three seconds? Well, first Saskatchewan’s Zack Greer takes out a Calgary player with a crosscheck to the face. Then he gets suckerpunched by a Calgary player in retaliation. Then, after his helmet has flown off, he gets hit in the face with the ball.

It’s absolutely fantastic. Take a look:

Now, I’ve never actually touched a lacrosse ball myself, but those lacrosse goalies where a ton of pads, so I’m going to assume they are pretty hard. Hopefully our bro Zack Greer was already unconscious from the sucker punch to the side of the head when the ball hit him in the mouth.

Of course, Greer is Canadian, and like all Canadians, he has ice-cold maple syrup running through his veins. So he shook off the pain of that double-whammy to the face and, when his two minutes in the box were up, he got right back on the turf-covered ice.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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