Stephen A. Smith Wants White America To Stand Up Against Jason Garrett (Video)


I don’t care how you feel about Stephen A. Smith, he is must see TV. Most of the time, he goes off on a bunch of nonsense but it’s entertaining. It’s like a horrible wreck on the freeway, you don’t wanna look but you can’t help it so you slow down, so you can figure out what just happened. Stephen A. was on one of his rant modes today as he spouted off about the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett & his job security.

“Jason Garrett is the walking epitome of everything that black folks in America lament, he didn’t get the blame but he got the credit.”

“My question to white America is ‘why don’t you get upset?’ That’s my question, because there’s a whole bunch of white folks out there that don’t have [Garrett’s job security]. Why is this happening? There’s a whole bunch of white assistants in the NFL that ain’t getting shots because Jason Garrett is his boy. There’s a whole bunch of white coordinators that ain’t getting looks, that ain’t getting shots because Jason Garrett is his boy. I mean, this is unbelievable.”

H/T – SportsGrid

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