Dirk Nowitzki Gets Stuffed by the Rim, Offers Great Excuse on Twitter (Video)

Dirk Nowitzki Stuffed By Rim

Dirk Nowitzki may be in the twilight of his career, but it’s a pretty awesome twilight. He’s having a beyond-solid season, and last night he was an integral part of the Mavs’ crazy double-OT victory over the Kings. But he was still left with something to answer for after he got rejected by the rim on an easy putback.


Bear in mind that Dirk is seven feet tall and pretty much looking down at the rim at all times.

Anyway, he owned up to the mistake on Twitter, which was probably a lot easier to do after winning that nail-biter:

If that’s the case, then the Kings have a pretty solid grievance to file after their loss. But if it WAS a regulation hoop, then let’s all commend Dirk for his sense of humor, even if he’s not able to jump for squat anymore.

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