High School Basketball Coach Appears to Headbutt Ref (Video)

high school basketbal coach headbutts referee

The videos below appear to show a high school basketball coach headbutt a referee. They come from a game between Neshaminy and Pennsbury in Middletown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night.

With less than 30 seconds left in the game, a Neshaminy player made a key layup that would have narrowed Pennsbury’s lead to just three points. However, the bucket was nullified because the ref whistled the player for charging. And that’s when Neshaminy coach Jerry Devine, a 10-year veteran, lost his cool and knocked a referee down.

The incident was caught on camera from two angles. From the first angle, it definitely looks like Devine headbutts the official:

From the second angle, which you can see in this news report from ABC 6 in Philadelphia, it looks as though Devine merely chest bumps the official:

Judging by the way the referee fell backward, Devine’s reaction to his fall, the eye witness account of the WBCB announcer, and the fact that he was not seriously injured, it doesn’t seem like Devine actually headbutted the referee.

That said, he definitely lost his cool and made contact. So the Neshaminy School District really had no choice but to put Devine on leave. Here’s their official statement:

“Mr. Devine has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of that review for both his teaching and coaching positions. The athletic program at Neshaminy places the values of fair play and sportsmanlike conduct above all. We expect our coaches and staff to teach and uphold those principles, while acting in a professional manner at all times.”

Let this be a lesson to other coaches to always be on the safe sideā€”don’t go anywhere near the ref.

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