Jason Williams’ Son, White Chocolate Jr, Plays Ball Just Like His Dad (Video)

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Jason Williams started playing in the NBA back in 1998, and he retired from pro ball in 2011. However, it was only about six weeks ago that the guy they called White Chocolate finally got his own official mixtape on the NBA’s official YouTube channel.

Jason Williams’ son, Jaxson Williams? He’s getting a much earlier start. Jaxson recently took part in a basketball camp with Showtime Hoops, a basketball training program based in northern Florida and southern Georgia. And the mixtape from that camp put together by Home Team Hoops is absolutely phenomenal.

In fact, Jaxson is so good at the age of 13 that the internet is already calling him White Chocolate Jr, which is probably the greatest nickname in the history of youth basketball.

Take a look:

With those slick passes and serious ball handling skills, it’s clear that the apple did not fall far from the tree. Don’t be surprised when you see this kid suiting up for the Florida Gators in a few years, just like his old man.

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