Female Tennis Player Throws Racket in Anger, Hits Ball Boy, Makes Opponent Cry (Video)

Ostapenko Throw Racket Ball Boy

There was evidently a lot of drama at the ASB Classic in New Zealand as Jalena Ostapenko and Naomi Broady squared off.

While running for an out-of-reach shot, Ostapenko sent her racquet sailing out of her hand and hit a ball boy with it. Broady pleaded with the chair umpire that this was intentional, and got so worked up about it that she started crying. She must really love ball boys or something, because that seems above and beyond.

Ostapenko insisted the racquet slipped from her hand, but the Latvian was still issued a code violation (but not DQ’d) nonetheless. The ball boy is fine, and is probably indulging in all this attention paid to him, which sounds kind of nice, actually.

Here’s the video:

That looked a little too forceful for a slip, but it’s a little hard to tell.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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