“You Like That” Rally Towels Should Be a Big Hit with Redskins Fans

you like that rally towels

When Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins went apesh*t after a Week 7 comeback win over Tampa Bay, yelling YOU LIKE THAT?! as he stormed passionately through the tunnels underneath FedEx Field, I thought those words would haunt him for the rest of his life. After all, the win gave his team a record of 3-4, which was crucial but nothing to get too worked up about. And he had performed terribly (three TDs vs. six INTs) in three of his previous four games. While he was fantastic that day against Tampa, throwing three TDs with zero INTs, there was no reason to think that would be the new norm.

Sure enough, the very next week, the Redskins lost 27-10 to the Patriots, and Cousins had a 68.4 passer rating. So naturally, Patriots fans taunted Cousins with chants of YOU LIKE THAT?! as he walked off the field.

But then something incredible happened. Over the next eight weeks, Cousins went back to being awesome. In fact, over the next eight weeks, Cousins was without question the best quarterback in the NFL, posting a passer rating of 124.57 and throwing for 19 touchdowns with just two interceptions, all while going 6-2 and leading Washington back to the postseason.

Now the Washington Redskins will be handing out “You Like That?!” rally towels as fans file into FedEx Field on Sunday for their Wild Card game at home against the Green Bay Packers.

Congratulations, Kirk. I’m glad I was wrong about you. But do keep in mind that if you blow chunks on Sunday, fans are going to be burning these things all over town and uploading the videos to YouTube.

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