CJ McCollum Didn’t Play vs. Clippers Because He Was Accidentally Listed as Inactive


It turns out that an administrative mistake kept the Blazers from suiting up CJ McCollum against the formidable Clippers last night, leading to some good-natured banter between CJ and Clips coach Doc Rivers.

The Blazers accidentally kept him off the healthy list, leading to a conference call between the Blazers, the Clippers, and the NBA to see if a gametime ruling could be made to include McCollum in the lineup.

No dice.

So after the game, which the Clippers won, 109-98, Doc Rivers couldn’t help but have some fun with CJ due to the mix-up.

I guess bigger mistakes have been made, and I hope CJ enjoyed his day of rest.  Fans can expect him back for the next game, unless the error happens again, in which case…yikes.

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