College Announcer Claims Kevin Durant Was in ‘Space Jam’, Is a Terrible Liar (Video)

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Space Jam might have a cult following among basketball and Looney Tunes fans, but it’s not exactly in the pantheon of great films. That said, most people, especially those who work IN BASKETBALL, have a vague sense of its cast and release date.

Seth Davis of CBS was talking about the film during last night’s Ohio State-Northwestern game when he began to rattle off the names of players who had their talents stolen. After mentioning Barkley and Shaq, he tossed in Kevin Durant, who was eight years old when the film was released.


Seth Davis couldn’t have been more wrong. Here he is, spouting this gibberish:

NOPE. He might be in that Space Jam 2 movie that’s been rumored to star LeBron James, but that’s in the future. There were probably a couple of eight-year-olds in Space Jam, but KD wasn’t one of them.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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