Greg Hardy Was A Pain In The A** To Fellow Cowboys Players All Year


Greg Hardy at this point probably holds the record of most disliked NFL player of all time. I mean, this guy is thoroughly hated and with good reason. When you add a woman abuser to a roster of a team that most of America doesn’t like anyway, it’s bound to make the masses a little crazy. It doesn’t stop there, apparently his own teammates on the Cowboys didn’t like him as well.

“Along the way, Hardy became a constant headache for Jason Garrett. The Cowboys coach met with him at least four times to address his conduct.

Hardy became such a worry over the last month of the season that the club increased its involvement, providing a more active support staff to check in on him, a source said.

A few teammates who had supported Hardy early began to sour on him late in the season, in part because his perpetual tardiness for team meetings never resulted in a reduction of playing time. Tardiness was also an issue for Hardy with his previous teams.”

Hardy will be free to sign with any team March 9, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

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