Holly Holm Will Fight Again Before Rematch Against Rousey

holly holm interim fight

Back in December, UFC president Dana White announced that Ronda Rousey would get a rematch against Holly Holm in July at UFC 200. However, Holm has stated that she does not want to wait that long to fight again because she wants to maintain her competitive edge. And apparently White feels he should respect her wishes, because on Wednesday he went on Fox Sports 1’s UFC Tonight and announced that Holm would fight somebody between now and the Rousey rematch.

White offered up no details about this theoretical fight. We don’t know who, and we don’t know when. But we do know that, while this is certainly the fair thing to do from a competitive standpoint, it’s also a huge financial risk for everybody.

If Holm wins her interim fight, her champion status is further legitimized and everybody wins financially regardless of who wins the rematch. However, if Holm loses her interim fight, the stakes for Rousey-Holm II are significantly diminished. Instead of a battle for the UFC women’s bantamweight title, it’s a battle for the right to fight the champion. And there’s no way the UFC is going to get 2 million pay-per-view buys for that.

According to Cagewriter, the UFC tried to talk Holm out of an interim fight, but she wouldn’t budge. So now it’s happening.

You certainly have to respect her ambition.

Hat Tip – [Cagewriter]

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