Jack Sock Points Out Error in His Favor, Giving Point to Lleyton Hewitt (Video)


Tennis is known to be one of the more sporting, gentlemanly games around, and though we see more and more outbursts these days, Jack Sock reminded us all just why the sport has that reputation. Yesterday, in the Hopman Cup, Lleyton Hewitt fired a serve that was called out, but Sock yelled from across the court, “That was in if you want to challenge it.”

Understandably, Hewitt was a little flustered, and ended up taking his opponent’s advice. The point was shown to be in, Hewitt got the point, and everyone felt a little bit better about the world for only a second.

Oh, and Jack Sock probably grew his fan base two-fold in that one moment, as though it wasn’t big enough.

Take a look here:


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