Jimmy Fallon Rolls Out the Superlatives for NBC’s Seahawks-Vikings Game (Video)


It looks like NBC has another big sporting event on tap, which means that Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show minions are towing the company line by breaking out the ole’ superlatives for the members of the Seahawks and Vikings. Aside from Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch, I can’t think of many players on either team who are interesting in any way, but I’m sure a staff of writers can DIG something up that makes us laugh at Teddy Bridgewater or child-abuser Adrian Peterson.

Let’s take a look:

We’re certainly getting some diminishing returns from these things, but any effort at making fun of Russell Wilson is ok in my book.

And the bit is worth it for the Marshawn Lynch joke, which makes no sense but is really funny nonetheless because everything related to Marshawn Lynch is hilarious.

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