Lionel Messi Scores Amazing Free Kick Goal…For Like the Hundredth Time (Video)

lionel messi scores amazing free kick goal lionel messi free kick goal

Lionel Messi is still pretty good at soccer. It’s been three years since the diminutive Argentine wizard last won FIFA’s Ballon d’Or as soccer’s global MVP. Cristiano Ronaldo took the honors in 2013 and 2014, and he’s outscoring Messi so far in 2015-16. But Messi is still at the peak of his career, and 19 goals and 10 assists through 25 games is pretty freaking good.

His most recent goal? It came against Espanyol on Wednesday in the first leg of Barcelona’s quarterfinals matchup in the Copa del Rey. And it was absolutely filthy.

With the teams tied at one near the end of the first half, Barcelona was awarded a free kick about 17 yards outside the box, just to the right of the goal. Espanyol set up for the attempt just right. The defenders set up a wall blocking off the right half of the goal while the keeper set up in the middle of the goal to protect everything to his right.

It didn’t matter, though. Messi had the cheat codes, so he bent a free kick around the wall, off the underside of the crossbar, and into the back of the net.

Take a look:


I’ll say it again. Lionel Messi is still pretty good at soccer.