New York Giants Fans Start Petition To Fire GM Jerry Reese


The New York Giants probably had the most confusing season in its teams history, multiple 4th quarter lost leads, spectacular WR who got suspended for fighting, and to cap it all off, a 3rd place finish in the worst division in the league. To make matters worse, their long time head coach, Tom Coughlin was basically forced to resign as he gave his final farewell earlier this week.

The fans are not happy and they want the team to focus on what they think is the main cause of the teams issues, GM Jerry Reese. So much so, they’ve went out of their way to create a petition to get him fired.

The petition reads as:

Giants fans unite. Season after season GM Jerry Reese has drafted poorly and failed in free agent signings. Injuries have plagued this team for years and the depth in the roster always fails. Yesterday, head coach Tom Coughlin resigned. This man is a class act, and personally took the blame for the Giants lackluster performances this season. I believe that the coaching, while at fault for some losses, is not as much to blame as Jerry Reese. If Tom Coughlin is out, we may as well get rid of Reese too.”

Check out the entire petition here.

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