A Philly Chef Created a Delicious Sandwich to Send Off Chip Kelly (Pic)

Chip Kelly gets a sandwich

Sure, Chip Kelly is on his way out of Philadelphia, which signifies that his grand experiment with eccentric lineups and fast, fast, fast offense didn’t pay off the way fans had hoped. But all is not lost. Local chef Joseph Shilling has created a three-bite sandwich to ease Philly’s collective pain.

One bite for each season of Kelly’s tenure, you see. (No word on whether it comes with “chips.” Hilarious, right?)

The sandwich features pork belly and Oregon blackberry jam (clever, right?) and is being sold for just $1.60 in the hopes of a 16-0 season.

There’s a lot of subtext here for a damn pork sandwich, but take a look and tell me it isn’t worth it:

Our feature CHIP KELLY THREE BITE (3 seasons) PORK BELLY (Chip) on TOAST with OREGON BLACKBERRY JAM only $1.60 (looking forward to 16-0) #pig#goeagles #mmmmmm

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I hope he just keeps getting fired if the world is going to get sandwiches like this every time.

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