Cleveland News Station Knocks On Johnny Manziel’s Door as They Continue Search for “Billy Football” (Videos)

WEWS Reporter at Johnny Manziel's House

There’s a fine line between useful news reporting and mindless sensationalism, and the people at WEWS NewsChannel 5 sprinted right through it when they put together their report on Johnny Manziel‘s rumored weekend in Vegas.

We’ve all heard about it by now: Johnny Manziel missed his treatment session with the Browns (for a concussion) on Sunday and it was later reported that he was seen partying in Vegas Saturday night wearing a hoodie, blonde wig, and a mustache. He even posted an image on Instagram of himself at home with his dog in an attempt to throw us all off as to his real whereabouts.

Well, on Tuesday, WEWS reporter Megan Hickey set out to answer the question that has been on everyone’s mind: “Where in the world is Johnny Manziel?”

She even took her search to Manziel’s house, where she was able to speak to one of Johnny’s buddies, but not Billy Football himself.

Check it out. (Visit to Manziel’s house is at 1:23):

Unfortunately, Megan wasn’t able to locate the troubled Browns quarterback, but WEWS wasn’t willing to give up there.

The very next day (Wednesday), they sent out another one of their reporters.  But, like Megan, she too had no luck:

Will WEWS ever find Johnny Football?  I guess we’ll have to wait until Thursday’s news report to find out.

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