Knicks Fans Who Booed Kristaps Porzingis Eat Their Words In Hilarious Spoof Video

Knicks Fan Shamed

It was just back a few months ago at the NBA draft that the Knicks fans, as they ALWAYS do, went to town on their club’s first-round pick, Kristaps Porzingis. Now, he looks like a star in the making just a few months into the season, leaving many wondering what happened to all those naysayers.

(Of course, we know what really happened, which is, they had a knee jerk reaction to the pick, then they saw his play and shut up as he proved everyone wrong.)

Here, we get a video offering up some confrontations with the doubters. The Knicks fan base seems to be the biggest offenders when it comes to this type of behavior (probably because the draft is in NYC), so it’s nice to see them get sent up for it.

There’s nothing wrong with reserving judgement until more info comes in, folks.

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