Star Wars Blamed For Poor CFP Ratings; ESPN May Owe Advertisers Up to $20 Mil


National title game is yet to be played, but the College Football Playoffs took a big hit in ratings when they decided to have the semifinals on New Year’s Eve. Someone with inside knowledge stated that the new Star Wars movie is to blame, and not the horrible scheduling. 

Because of those horrible ratings, ESPN may have to pay over $20 Million to advertisers. Media companies set a price for advertisers and there are times that they give these advertisers certain guarantees (in this case rating and viewer guarantees).

“Despite the efforts of the College Football Playoff committee and some media outlets downplaying the financial hit ESPN took by being forced to televise the two national championship semi-final games on New Year’s Eve, media buyers say the network owes upwards of $20 million in ad makegoods for ratings shortfalls for the two games.

ESPN may have gotten a bit greedy when setting its ratings estimates and offering higher guarantee levels to advertisers for the two games.”

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