Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Fight, Leads To Six Arrests


Not only do the players on both the Bengals and Steelers fight, but the fans do as well. Add the element of a Wild Card playoff game and you get a melting pot of emotions and fists.

Six men were arrested following the Bengals-Steelers game last night.  Of the six, half were Bengals fans, the other three Steelers fans.

3 ON 3, LET’S GET IT ON, and then get arrested.

Jared McCarty, 19, Martin Cooke, 33, David Grillo, 25, Tyler Matthys, 21, Phillip Ross, 29, and Andrew Robles, 28, were all accused and arrested for assaults during and following Sunday’s game.

Robles, McCarty and Cooke are scheduled to appear in court Monday, while Grillo, Matthys and Ross have not yet been scheduled to appear in court.
McCarty, a Bengals fan of Reading, Ohio, was also charged with carrying a fake ID, underage consumption of alcohol and theft. He admitted to consuming alcohol and striking a woman in the face.
Cooke, a Bengals fan of Germantown, Ky., was additionally charged with disorderly conduct after being accused of urinating on the person in front of him at the stadium. He also fought with the man and punched him in the face.
Robles, a Steelers fan of Allentown, Pa., is accused of striking a woman in the head as he was being escorted out of the game by police.
Grillo, a Steelers fan of Belle Vernon, Pa., was seen throwing a beer can at a Bengals fan. The beer reportedly hit the fan in the face and caused lacerations.
Matthys, a Steelers fan of Westville, Ind., is accused of punching a woman in the face as he exited the stadium
Ross, a Bengals fan of Cheviot, Ohio, is accused of head-butting a man in the face at the stadium, which left a distinct red mark on his forehead that can be seen in his mug shot.
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