Clemson Loses Valuable Seconds at End of Half Due to Clock Error (Video)

Dabo Swinney Clock Error

After getting the ball back late in the first half, Clemson began a drive that eventually led them to the Alabama 27-yard line with 15 seconds remaining in the half.  That’s when things got fishy.

Clemson had just finished running a play that resulted in a first down, which means the clock should have stopped until the moment the ref put the ball back in play.  But it didn’t.  Instead, it continued to run, stopped for a couple of seconds, then began to run once again, before the ref had placed the ball down.  After all of that, Clemson was forced to use their final timeout with only six seconds left in the half. The officials gave them three seconds back, but with only nine seconds remaining and no timeouts, Dabo Swinney decided to send out the field-goal unit, and Greg Huegel‘s 44-yard field-goal attempt was blocked.

Had the clock not continued to run, Clemson’s offense likely would have hurried to the line and snapped the ball with roughly 13 seconds remaining, and they still would have had their timeout.

Will this have an effect on the outcome of this year’s College Football National Championship?

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