LeBron James Takes a Rogue Warm-Up Ball to the Face (Video)


Even if your nickname is “The King,” you aren’t immune from some embarrassing gaffs in your day-to-day work. LeBron James was warming up before taking on the lowly 76ers, and as he was catching a pass with his right hand, another ball followed a millisecond later and hit him across the face.

It wasn’t his fault or anything, but it’s still weird to see the normally graceful James have to recover from such a slip-up. You have to wonder if he’s so used to things going his way that something like this ruins his week. Like in a year, when he looks back on 2016, will he single that out as the worst thing that happened to him all year?

Yeah, probably. I bet the person who threw it is probably going to get cut in a week. Even if it’s Kevin Love. ESPECIALLY if it’s Kevin Love.


Posted by Black Skip Bayless on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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