Sylvester Stallone Gets a Golden Globe for His ‘Creed’ Performance, Gives Moving Speech (Video)


Sylvester Stallone was an unlikely pick to be one of the best comeback stories of 2015. The action star was still working, but had been largely toiling in a world of tongue-in-cheek action fare, and unnecessary sequels. And while Creed seemed like just that, the critics and audiences found a lot of heart in the film, thanks in part to great performances by Michael B. Jordan and Stallone.

Last night, Stallone’s effort was recognized at the Golden Globes, where he won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Film.

After winning, he gave a subdued, moving speech that was incredibly grateful and funny, thanking both his fictional character, and those who had faith in a mumbling actor almost 40 years ago. It’s pretty great, so check it out:

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