Thousands Sign Petition Calling For Bengals-Steelers Game To Be Investigated


The fallout after the Steelers-Bengals Wild Card game has reached petition level now. Salty Bengals fans want answers as to why their team has been bounced yet again in the first round.

The petition — housed here on — was created by Jamaal Spivey and has “The NFL” listed as its target.

The petition reads as:

“I know I just sound like a bitter fan and admittedly I am. But any real football fan has to admit there was a lot of shadiness surrounding this game. This is beyond being upset with a loss. The “no call” on the Bernard hit, the suppose “helmet” hit from Burfict, and the “unsportman like conduct” call involving a Pittsburgh coach who shouldn’t have been on the field appear to be a blatant manipulation of the game. Also consider that the Steelers were favored to win this game coming in, and that for some reason this game was officiated by the same team from the previous game which was also poorly manned. There is definitely something suspicious going on behind the scenes.”

The petition has over 20,000 signatures as of right now. Just like any other petition, I’m sure nothing will come of this. Just take your loss and move on Bengals fans.

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