It Was So Cold In Minnesota Yesterday that the Vikings Gjallarhorn Broke in Half (Pic)


It was very cold in Minnesota on Sunday for the Vikings-Seahawks playoff game. In fact, it was so cold that beers were freezing mid-chug, and the Vikings’ Gjallarhorn broke in half before the game.

The Gjallarhorn, not to be confused with a Gyllenhaal, is that giant horn the Vikings blow before the team runs out onto the field at home games. Usually they give the honor of blowing the Gjallarhorn to someone special, and on Sunday that honor was scheduled to go to injured tight end Rhett Ellison.

Unfortunately, they just don’t make Gjallarhorns like they used to. And the extreme -7ºF temps made this one so brittle that it just broke in half.

Luckily the Vikings came prepared for everything but actually playing football, so they had a backup Gjallarhorn all ready to go:

In hindsight, it’s kind of hard not to look back on the broken Gjallarhorn as an omen of what was about to transpire. But the good news for Vikings fans (except the ones who pay taxes in Minnesota) is that next year the Vikings will be playing their home games in that shiny new glass stadium. So broken Gjallarhorns shouldn’t be an issue.

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