Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh on Missed Field Goal: “It’s My Fault” (Video)

vikings kicker blair walsh missed kick

On Sunday, with the Seattle Seahawks up 10-9 on the Minnesota Vikings with just 30 seconds left in their wild card playoff game, the Vikings lined up for a 27-yard field goal that everybody assumed would send them through to the next round to face the Carolina Panthers.

Unfortunately, as you are probably aware, that did not happen. Instead, Vikings kicker Blair Walsh, a guy who made 34 of 39 field goal attempts this season and didn’t miss a single one from inside 30 yards, shanked the ball wide left. So instead of moving on to play the Panthers, the Vikings are done for the year.

In the immediate aftermath of the loss, Vikings fans tore Walsh apart on Twitter, and his own head coach pretty much threw him under the bus.

However, Walsh didn’t make any excuses. He didn’t point out that it was -6ºF at the start of the game. He didn’t blame the snapper or the holder, even though the laces were definitely in. And he didn’t point out the game might not have come down to a last-minute field goal if Adrian Peterson hadn’t rushed for 45 yards with no touchdowns, or if Peterson hadn’t coughed up a fumble that led directly to what would turn out to be the game-winning field goal by Seattle.

Instead, Walsh stood up at his locker with tears in his eyes and took responsibility for his failure. Like a man.

Check it out:


Of course, Blair Walsh wasn’t the only one to take responsibility for the Vikings’ loss on Sunday. After the game, superstar running back Adrian Peterson acknowledged his own poor performance and claimed responsibility for the loss himself.

But Vikings coach Mike Zimmer? He wasn’t nearly that classy. According to the Star-Tribune, while he took the time to call Walsh’s field goal attempt “a chip shot” that Walsh has to make, Zimmer didn’t even speak to his kicker after the game.

Nice, coach.

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