Alabama Buses Leave Lane Kiffin Behind After CFP Final (Video)


Lane Kiffin faced yet another issue with school-provided transportation last night, as the Alabama team buses took off without him from the University of Phoenix stadium following the team’s 45-40 win over Clemson. Fans of USC and Kiffin will remember that he got fired on the tarmac as USC was departing for an away game, leaving him without a ride home to Los Angeles a couple years ago.

The coincidence didn’t escape Kiffin, who mentioned it jokingly to a reporter, saying, “First, I get fired [by USC] on the tarmac, and now I get left behind at the national championship.”

This time, it would seem, there were innocent bystanders affected. Namely, Kiffin’s kids, who were stranded as well. Fortunately, the situation was rectified, and all parties got to where they needed to be:

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