Canucks and Panthers Almost Throw Down After Game


After Vancouver put an end to the Florida Panthers‘ 12-game win streak, tensions were high, and almost boiled over following the final buzzer.

The two teams came close to blows after Daniel Sedin knocked in an OT goal, which was set up by his twin brother Henrik. The two were lobbed an insult, believed to be something about the “Sedin Sisters,” (BURN!) which led to some shoving and high tempers.

Dorsett from the Canucks appears to have antagonized the Panthers bench, which started the assaults. However, it was Panthers announcer Dennis Potvin who gave us the most blatant act of war, positing that the Sedin brothers pointed their fingers at their aggressors, saying, ““The Sedins are pointing fingers now! Normally they only use those fingers to lick the peanut butter off their bread.”

Weird night all around.

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