Cowboys’ Jeremy Mincey Says Tension in Locker Room Grew With Greg Hardy (Video)

Jeremy Mincey talks Greg Hardy

On Sunday, following a tough 2015 season that saw his Dallas Cowboys finish in last in the NFC East with a 4-12 record, defensive end Jeremy Mincey sat down with KDFW-TV Channel 4 in Dallas to reflect on the disappointing season that was.

Among the topics discussed were Jason Garrett‘s future with the team and Greg Hardy‘s effect on locker room chemistry.

First, Mincey’s thoughts on whether or not head coach Jason Garrett is the man for the job in Dallas (as transcribed by SportsDay):

“Honestly, I think he is. I honestly do. As a man, you grow and you live and you go through all these different situations and circumstances. I’m sure he’s really learned from this year, and he’s the type to take notes on everything. He’ll get it corrected, and he can switch it up and turn the knob up.”

Then, there’s Mincey’s thoughts on Greg Hardy’s locker room presence. Perhaps no one is better suited to answer such questions, as Mincey occupied the locker right next to Hardy.

We’ll start with Mincey’s comments after being asked whether or not Hardy wore out his welcome in the locker room:

“Well, I wouldn’t say. I was more so — I didn’t look at him like that. He sits right beside me, so he’s welcomed every day, you know what I mean? I have to deal with him, and being that you have to deal with him, I grew accustomed to a misunderstood person and I got to know him a little better than a lot of people here. It was tough. Ir was tough. You know, you got this guy, who you want to be a leader, and then you got that guy. It was just too much.”

On the growing tensions that resulted from Hardy’s tardiness and other off-field issues:

“Yeah it grew. It grew. It definitely grew. I hate it happened — you talk about a team that was so close knit and tight and all of a sudden it was just different. I wouldn’t say that he’s the reason for that happening, but sometimes change, sometimes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You know what I mean? And sometimes with change, the team is different. Regardless of how great this athlete is and regardless of this and that, if they’re not mentally on the same page, you’re not going to get the same results.”

On whether it will be difficult to have Hardy back next season:

“Yeah, it will be — I think it will be good for the younger guys, which I don’t know how they feel about him personally, I mean I haven’t spoken to them or asked. It would be me or him, you see what I’m saying? It would be either or. It’s hard to have two type of line mentality guys in one room, so it’s tough to figure out who the younger guys are going to follow. OF course they’re going to look up to a go who’s a prolific player. But I just understand the game, and I know what it takes to win.”

With Mincey and Hardy both set to become free agents this summer, it is believed that the Cowboys will only be able to retain the services of one of the two defensive ends. So it doesn’t look like Mincey will have to worry about sharing a locker room with Hardy next season. The question is whether or not the same applies for the rest of the Cowboys players.

Here’s a look at Jeremy Mincey’s interview in its entirety:

Hat Tip – [SportsDay]

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