German Play-by-Play of Russell Wilson’s Crazy Fumble-Scramble-Completion Is Amazing (Video)

german play-by-play russel wilson fumble scramble completion ricardo lockett

All season long the Carolina Panthers have been publishing highlight of their big plays with Spanish play-by-play. And all season long, I’ve been saying it’s amazing.

However, as it turns out, there is actually something even more amazing than Spanish play-by-play for NFL games. And that is German play-by-play for NFL games.

Don’t believe it? Well let’s test my theory. Here is the crazy Russel Wilson fumble-scramble-completion from Sunday’s Vikings-Seahawks game with English play-by-play from Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth:


No offense to Mr. Michaels, who might be the Greatest of All Time, but that was a pretty mundane call for a play that everybody knew right away would change the course of the game.

So now take a look at the play with German play-by-play from Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeldt and Patrick Esume:


Bad. Ass. I have no idea what those guys were saying, what with all the fükenziespatzel this and kölchenbitter that. But they sounded angry and happy at the same time, and I love it.

From now on, I’ll take my NFL games in German, thank you very much.

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