Jake The Snake Roberts Wants to Help Johnny Manziel Get His Sh*t Together

jake the snake roberts

Most NFL teams had concerns about Johnny Manziel and his hard-partying ways before he was even drafted. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why the dynamic QB wasn’t drafted higher than 22nd overall.

Last summer, after a tumultuous rookie season, Manziel did a lengthy stint at rehab (presumably to deal with an alcohol dependence) and moved from the city to the suburbs in an attempt to remove himself from temptation. And for a while he kept his nose clean.

But you know what’s happened since. First there was the fight with his girlfriend on the side of the road. Then he was spotted partying in Texas on back-to-back nights during the Browns’ bye week at the end of November. And then there was the trip to Vegas and the disguise and the missed team meeting.

Now Johnny Manziel’s career with the Browns is almost certainly over. (Though, it’s the Browns, so they might also make him the coach.) And apparently the only person in the NFL willing to take a chance on him is batsh*t insane Jerry Jones.

Enter WWE legend Jake The Snake Roberts. Roberts himself was a legendary party animal whose professional and personal lives were derailed by booze and drugs. But The Snake got his act together in 2012 with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, and now he wants to help Manziel.

He recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone to promote a documentary he has coming out. Here’s what he had to say about Manziel:

“I’m trying to get ahold of Johnny Manziel, and I’m going to tell that boy, ‘You need to get on Antabuse.’ I understand where his head is at. I understand what it is to be Jake the Snake, or Johnny Football. You got all of these expectations from other people. Not just yourself, but other people. You start being the party guy for them… You can’t go hang out with a bunch of damn drug addicts and expect not to do drugs. You can’t go in a bar and expect not to drink. So you have to find new things to do in life. Believe it or not, those new things are twice as much fun.”

So Johnny, if you’d like the help of somebody who’s been there, have your people call Jake The Snake’s people.

Hat Tip – [Rolling Stone]

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