Here’s Nine Minutes of the Philadelphia Eagles Dropping Passes (Video)


If you want to know why the Eagles went so upside-down this year, and why Chip Kelly is out of a job, there are lots of places to look. However, the fact that a compilation tape of dropped Eagles passes is nine minutes long might give us a little bit of insight into the situation.

It’s hard to believe that this wasn’t a huge cause of the Eagles’ 2015 woes, and since they’re dropped passes, it may have less to do with the controversial QB choices that Kelly made, and more to do with the poor decisions he made at the wide receiver position—like letting DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin walk, in favor of Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor.

Take a look:

Hard to put the blame anywhere other than in the receivers’ hands after watching this.

At least this helps the team learn where to start when they being rebuilding for 2016, right?

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