First-Graders Make Uplifting Cards To Cheer Up Blair Walsh (Video)

Blair Walsh First-Grader Letters

Full credit to Northpoint Elementary (Blaine, MN) first grade teacher Judie Offerdahl. She was able to take a dreadful moment, like Blair Walsh‘s 27-yard missed field-goal that cost the Vikings a playoff victory, and turn it into something adorable, like sympathy letters written by first-graders.

While teaching her students a lesson on empathy, Offerdahl encouraged the first-graders to think about a time in their own life when they have made a mistake, and use that time to try and grasp a better understanding of how Walsh felt following his missed kick. They were then assigned a project: create a sympathy/empathy card for Blair Walsh. The results were pretty adorable, and yes, Offerdahl does plan on sending the final products to Blair.

Here are some of the best messages from the students:

“For Blair Walsh. Keep on trying. Puppys are cute.”

“Dear Blair Walsh. I know that it can be hard to get through things that are sad. but you have to try and try again. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. One time I made a mistake when I was doing a cartwheel. I felt embarrassed. You can still help the Vikings win the Super Bowl next year. Your fan, Sophia Doffin.”

“You are handsome. … Don’t worry. It’s just a game.”

Here’s a video of some of the kids as they read their messages:

For more on this story, and to check out the entire video, visit the Star Tribune here.

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