This Brawl Between NY and Connecticut Female Hockey Players Had Tons of Cross-Checks (Video)


I guess the innate desire for hockey players to kick the crap out of each other transcends genders.

Earlier this week, the New York Riveters and the Connecticut Whale (what?) of the NWHL squared off, and when play was whistled dead, things really started to heat up. A Riveter by the name of Elena Orlando was suspended for leaving the bench and just unleashing hell on anyone she could reach. (She’s the player in white who won’t stop throwing punches about ten seconds into the melee.)

However, there’s no word on the fate of the Whale player who threw that nasty cross-check that got this whole thing going. Maybe since she was already on the ice, she’s immune from discipline.

In any event, the whole thing is pretty gnarly, and definitely worth a look.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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