Watch This Seattle ‘Book of Mormon’ Crowd Go Nuts after Blair Walsh Misses Game-Winning Field Goal (Video)


On Sunday, the Paramount Theater in Seattle was crawling with Seahawks fans who, unaware of their team’s playoff fate at the time, had snatched up tickets to the hot musical Book of Mormon.

The game started at 10 AM Pacific time, and as the musical neared its bow, the Seahawks-Vikings Wild Card game was winding down with Minnesota attempting it’s last-second 27-yard field goal to take the lead and the victory.

It sounds as though every person in the place was glued to a phone or an update or something as they cheered on their team (which sort of won by default, thanks to Blair Walsh’s missed 27-yarder). The whole thing is pretty cool, but it also makes you wish you had access to footage of Minnesota fans during the same time span. That must have been a morose scene.

I hope they were able to calm down and enjoy the South Park guys’ production after all that excitement.

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