Report: Chandler Jones Had a Bad Reaction to Synthetic Marijuana

Chandler Jones

So it turns out that Chandler Jones didn’t overdose on anything after all.  Not painkillers.  Not illegal drugs.  Nothing of that sort.

Rather, Chandler Jones’ police visit and trip to the hospital on Sunday was the result of a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

The report comes via the Boston Globe, who also stated that Jones walked to a nearby Foxborough police station following the reaction, before being admitted to a hospital and released later that day.  He was at the Patriots’ practice facility working out at 6:30 am on Monday.

Synthetic marijuana is not illegal in the state of Massachusetts, so it is unlikely that Jones is punished for this incident.  Barring any unforeseen changes, he should be out on the field when the New England Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium during Saturday’s Divisional Round match-up.

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