Colin Kaepernick Jerseys No Longer on Clearance at 49ers Online Shop

If you were interested in buying a Colin Kaepernick jersey at the San Francisco 49ers’ online shop after the 28-year-old quarterback was benched back in November, you would have noticed that they were on sale.

Former San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Rosenberg noticed, and he Tweeted it too:

Fast forward to today.  After the Niners announced the hiring of former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, Colin Kaepernick’s stock in San Fran seems to suddenly be on the rise again.

Also on the rise: his football jerseys, which are now back to their regular pricing:

Taking Kaepernick jerseys off clearance provide a subtle hint as to what Chip Kelly’s plans at quarterback will be.

This, on the other hand, screams, “KAEPERNICK IS OUR MAN!!!”:

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