Fans Send Pile Of Sh*T To Rams Owner Stan Kroenke After Move To LA (Photos)


St. Louis hasn’t had a winning football team in over 10 years and they won’t have one probably ever again since their owner relocated the team to play in Inglewood as the Los Angeles Rams once again. Needless to say, Rams fans or former Rams fans are pissed off.

A St. Louis podcaster by the name of Kelly Manno carried through with a campaign to send Stan Kroenke a pile of shit — $250 worth of shit, to be exact.


“St. Louis is pissed off,” Manno explained on her Monday podcast. “And here’s one thing that I have learned about St. Louis through this whole debacle. St. Louis is like having a crazy relative that you can talk bad about — but nobody else can talk bad about them, or you’ll kill them. We can trash it all day long, but when Kroenke trashes it, you’re getting poop.”


Here she is talking about it:

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