Female Fan Says LeBron’s Mom Pushed Her At Mavs Game (Audio)


Lebron James is arguably the best player in the league right now, but that doesn’t make him immune from fans heckling him just like any other player in the league. This particular heckling was different than others, though, since the heckler was seated close to his mother, Gloria James, in the stands.

“Ben and Snippy from 105.3 the Fan in Dallas tells the story of being at the Cavs vs. Mavs game the other night (Cavs won in OT), when a confrontation broke out in the stands.”

While in her words politely heckling LeBron during an inbounds pass, the woman says someone came up from behind and pushed her.
After she asked why the woman pushed her the response she got was.
“Don’t you disrespect my son!!!”


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