Jim Harbaugh Attended the State of the Union, Thought Obama ‘Hit It Out of the Park’ (Video)


In case you’re wondering why on Earth noted serious-person Jim Harbaugh attended the State of the Union address in Washington, D.C., we’ll have you know that he was a guest of a Michigan representative. That begs a few more questions, like, “Does everyone have a +1 to the State of the Union?” and “Why would you bring Jim Harbaugh of all people?”

We don’t have the answers to THOSE questions, but Harbaugh did attend and thought that Obama did a great job in the final State of the Union of his tenure.

And naturally, even if you’re in D.C. in a tunnel leaving the State of the Union address with your wife, TMZ is going to find you to ask stupid questions. He does look pretty happy to be there, though!

When asked about giving coaching advice to the 49ers, the Michigan coach responded with “No. Not right now.”

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