Poker Player Antonio Esfandiari Disqualified for Peeing In Bottle Under Table, Which Apparently Is Frowned Upon

antonio esfandiari poker player disqualified

Professional poker superstar Antonio Esfandiari, a three-time winner at the World Series of Poker, was disqualified from a tournament last weekend for urinating into a cup underneath a poker table.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with the rules of professional poker tournaments, you’re probably assuming that there are no bathroom breaks and Esfandiari drank too much coffee. But that’s not the case. Poker players most certainly are allowed to go to the bathroom. Esfandiari’s problem was a bet he made with U.S. businessman and amateur poker player Bill Perkins.

You see, Perkins bet Esfandiari $50,000 that he couldn’t lunge everywhere he went for 48 hours starting at midnight January 9. And Esfandiari was determined to win.

The problem was that, come day 2 of lunging everywhere, Esfandiari’s legs were totally destroyed.

So when he felt the urge to pee while sitting at his table during the $5,300 buy-in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament, rather than lunge to the bathroom, he decided to just pee into a bottle underneath the table. Which of course is gross and wrong and also hilarious.

The good news? Esfandiari won that bet. The bad? He had to apologize to everybody for taking a piss in the middle of a casino.

The lesson here? Don’t write checks your body can’t cash.

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