Alabama Quarterback Jake Coker’s Girlfriend Is Hot? There’s a Shocker (Pics)

jake coker girlfriend sara jeffries

Jake Coker was not the most important piece in the Alabama Crimson Tide’s National Championship-winning offense. And while he will probably get drafted somewhere in the fourth or fifth rounds, it is highly unlikely that he’ll find himself playing for an NFL team next season.

That said, Jake Coker is the Alabama quarterback, and he just won a National Championship. So you still expect him to have a very attractive girlfriend. And he does.

Her name? Sara Jeffries. If you watched Alabama-Clemson on Monday and stuck around for the post-game coverage, you probably saw her share a smooch with Coker on live television, which was adorable.

Is Sara Jeffies the hottest girlfriend in college football, or even the SEC? Statistically speaking, probably not. There are a lot of girlfriends in college football and a lot of extremely attractive girls at SEC schools. (Tennessee WR Josh Smith knows what I’m talking about.) But, statistically speaking, she’s probably hotter than your girlfriend. And if Jake Coker was not the quarterback at Alabama, she’d definitely be out of his league. (No offense, Jake. But you know what I’m saying.)

Take a look:

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